Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tall-Star was a character that appeared in an episode of the old She-Ra Princess of Power Cartoon and was almost made into a toy, but never made it past the prototype stage due to the cancelation of the show and toy line. The toy would have had a growing action feature similar to the Masters of The Universe Character Extendar.
A few years ago I redesigned her to fit with the updated designs of the 200X Masters of the Universe.

She can be seen here from the cartoon with the other 2 Star-Sisters:

WonderWoman Day III Fundraiser Art

When I received an email from Andy Mangels ( asking for art donations for a Wonder Woman themed fund raiser, I was instantly interested. All the Proceeds go to Domestic Violence shelters and a Women's Crisis Line.

I decided to draw Wonder Woman on horseback reminiscent of the very first WonderWoman Cover from 1940's.
Funny enough she is also looking very reminiscent to She-Ra here too.
Fun Fact: At one point Mattel was considering a team Up with DC comics for a She-Ra/Wonder Woman relaunch, were She-Ra was going to be Wonder Woman. It was going to be called Wonder Woman and the Star Riders.

Original WW#1 Cover art