Thursday, October 9, 2008


Tall-Star was a character that appeared in an episode of the old She-Ra Princess of Power Cartoon and was almost made into a toy, but never made it past the prototype stage due to the cancelation of the show and toy line. The toy would have had a growing action feature similar to the Masters of The Universe Character Extendar.
A few years ago I redesigned her to fit with the updated designs of the 200X Masters of the Universe.

She can be seen here from the cartoon with the other 2 Star-Sisters:

WonderWoman Day III Fundraiser Art

When I received an email from Andy Mangels ( asking for art donations for a Wonder Woman themed fund raiser, I was instantly interested. All the Proceeds go to Domestic Violence shelters and a Women's Crisis Line.

I decided to draw Wonder Woman on horseback reminiscent of the very first WonderWoman Cover from 1940's.
Funny enough she is also looking very reminiscent to She-Ra here too.
Fun Fact: At one point Mattel was considering a team Up with DC comics for a She-Ra/Wonder Woman relaunch, were She-Ra was going to be Wonder Woman. It was going to be called Wonder Woman and the Star Riders.

Original WW#1 Cover art

Friday, September 26, 2008

Madam Razz & Broom

Two more characters I gave the same treatment to were Madam Razz and Broom. They too were some of the most hated characters from the Princess of Power cartoon, and I saw they could be upgraded.
The main thing I changed was I gave madam razz goggles on her hat rather than her eye holes.

The Twiggets

In the 1980's She-Ra cartoon Princess of Power, not many characters were as looked down upon and thought as uncool as the Twiggets. The Twiggets were a group of plant people who's main purpose was to protect the mystical and enchanted Whispering Woods.
Shortly after Mattel decided to upgrade their Masters of the Universe toyline and start making new toys and stories I decided to upgrade some of the more unloved characters that would not be appearing in the new series.
The Twiggets were a few of the first characters I upgraded.