Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Teela Sketch from Masters Of The Universe

Hi, so my name is Cody and this is my Blog. :)
Here you'll find my art from various projects, current and old. For those of you who know me I'm always keeping busy with my art, so I'm always designing building or drawing something for someone or something, even if on occasion it's just for the sake of doing it.
I'm new to the blog scene so bare with me if things are slow here from time to time. A LOT of what I do is paid for so unless I have permission I can't post projects unless I have the "go a head" to.
Hope you enjoy my blog :)



k forest said...

Hey Cody. I'm a friend of Joe Cole's and I think you need to post more artwork immediately.

Here's my blog-thing:


Jason Rutberg said...

Hello Cody, that is a good looking sketch of Teela. You should take some animation classes.

You might also be able to appreciate this information I have to share with you.

Dr. Mark Taylor, of Atlanta Live Media, is auctioning a 75 piece, 100 year old, family collection of pencil and ink drawings by artist Charles S. Gibson (1892-1973) not to be confused with Charles Dana Gibson (1867-1944), who created the Gibson Girl. They are really nice pieces of artwork.

I REALLY wish I could embed the pictures in this post for you. These are all pen & ink drawings and some of the structures are very impressive.

There are also some pretty impressive muscle drawings in this collection - of the face, arms, legs, etc.

So if you are interested, check it out. Who knows, it might inspire you :)